Ukraine Tips From Nameless US Officials: Good Enough for NYT

Internet videos of tanks allegedly supplied by Russia to Ukrainian rebels.

Apparently the people who know best about what’s happening in Ukraine are US government officials who won’t let their names be printed in the newspaper.


To NYT, Nuclear Facts Become Iranian Claims


The New York Times treats Iran’s right to enrich uranium as a “claim,” to be challenged by anonymous U.S. officials.


Republicans, Doing Just What Democrats (Never) Did

Sometimes the premise of an article is just all wrong. Like this from Monday‘s New York Times (see bold): As Republicans See a Mandate on Budget Cuts, Others See Risk By ADAM NAGOURNEY and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN WASHINGTON — In Congress and in statehouses, Republican lawmakers and governors are claiming a broad mandate from last year’s elections as they embark on an aggressive campaign of cutting government spending and taking on public unions. Their agenda echoes in its ambition what President Obama and Democrats tried after winning office in their own electoral wave in 2008. They’re talking particularly about the […]


It’s Hard to Make a Flat Line Sound Sexy

A New York Times article (4/23/10) by Peter Baker and David Herszenhorn remarks of Barack Obama: With his poll numbers sagging, the choreographed confrontation seemed aimed at tapping the nation’s antiestablishment mood as well as muscling financial regulation legislation through Congress. While Obama’s confrontation with the financial industry was no doubt choreographed, are his poll numbers really sagging? This chart from Pollster.com, averaging out all the major national polls, reveals instead that opinion on Obama’s job performance is remarkably steady (and remarkably evenly divided, too). It’s hard to turn a line like that into exciting news, which isn’t to say […]


NYT on ‘Pragmatic’ Democrats

The headline and lead of a New York Times piece today: Trick for Democrats Is Juggling Ideology and Pragmatism By ADAM NAGOURNEY and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN WASHINGTON — Democrats have displayed a striking degree of pragmatism in seeking to push the health care bill through Congress, embracing or rejecting ideological considerations as needed to keep the legislation moving. By “ideology,” the Times means policy ideas that are popular with voters and thatwould be more likely to reduce the costs of the healthcare system andcover more people(single-payer, a truly robust public plan). By “pragmatism,” they mean the things that are less […]