Fox Covers Up a Benghazi Story

Ahmed Abu Khattala

Fox News won’t mention the significant evidence that the Internet video was behind the attacks because it is so deeply invested in the story of a White House conspiracy, and it’s too late to change the script.


NYT Benghazi Bombshell: They Reported It Last Year Too

New York Times photo of Benghazi

What Meet the Press’s David Gregory described as “a bombshell report in the New York Times [that] could change the debate over the deadly attack” in Benghazi, Libya, was actually old news to careful readers.


NYT Points Out ‘Racist Overtones’ in Libyan Disinformation It Helped Spread

Today’s New York Times has a story by David Kirkpatrick and Rod Nordland running down the exaggerations and misinformation that have been spread throughout the Libya War. There’s been “spin from all sides,” they report. Gadhafi’s exaggerations are well-known, but this passage is rather striking: Still, the rebels have offered their own far-fetched claims, like mass rapes by loyalist troops issued tablets of Viagra. Although the rebels have not offered credible proof, that claim is nonetheless the basis of an investigation by the International Criminal Court. And there is the mantra, with racist overtones, that the Gadhafi government is using […]