FAIR TV: PBS and Koch, Guatemala and the U.S. Role and Rumsfeld Meets the Press


This week: PBS won’t be showing us the documentary Citizen Koch–for some very dubious reasons. Also: The New York Times points out that the U.S. role in supporting genocide in Guatemala was hardly discussed at the trial; the same goes for U.S. media coverage of that trial. And Donald Rumsfeld goes on Meet the Press to talk about accountability. No, it’s not what you think.  


Tea Party: Anti-Corporate Corruption Fighters?

Some in the press still seem to have trouble defining whatever it is that motivates the Tea Party movement. I noticed this in an L.A. Times piece last week (6/5/11): Americans possess a long-standing wariness of power and its potential as a corrupting influence, especially in the hands of large institutions. That instinct bred our government system of checks and balances and, more recently, led members of the “tea party” to embrace the nation’s founders (repackaged as a band of small-government crusaders) as the guiding lights of their movement. So “wariness of power” and the “corrupting influence” of “large institutions” […]


PBS Ombud’s Trust in Nova Only Goes So Far

PBS ombud Michael Getler has thankfully expanded on his “I trust Nova” response to concerns that public TV’s leading science program might be influenced by its climate change-denying funders (FAIR Blog, 9/8/10). In a more extensive response to those who thought they detected the fingerprints of oil tycoon David Koch (and industry giant ExxonMobil) in a Nova broadcast, Getler (9/13/10) suggests that those critics might have reason to be suspicious. Getler points to the interconnection of Koch’s gifts to Nova and to the Smithsonian museum, which has a David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins that portrays climate change as […]


Is Nova Catering to Its Anti-Science Sugar Daddy?

Nova: Becoming Human

PBS‘s Nova is taking money from one of the biggest bankrollers of climate change denial–and, surprise surprise, the resulting programming tells viewers not to worry about climate change. But PBS‘s ombud doesn’t see this as a conflict of interest–because Nova is a “consistently first-rate program,” and he trusts it. Nova‘s conflict of interest was highlighted out by Climate Progress blogger Joe Romm (9/7/10), who had previously caught the Smithsonian promoting strange climate science after getting a grant from oil billionaire David Koch (Climate Progress, 4/1/10). Koch, who’s a major funder of propaganda rejecting the science of climate change, is also […]