Zakaria: All U.S. Presidents Support Democracy (Except When They Don’t)

In the Washington Post (7/7/11), Fareed Zakaria tries to defend Barack Obama against the criticism that he needs a more consistent foreign policy. He writes: All American presidents have supported and should support the spread of democracy. The real question is: Should that support involve active measures to topple undemocratic regimes, especially military force? Since this is an important part of his argument, it is worth noting that “all American presidents” have no such passion for the spread of democracy. There is a fairly rich history of U.S. foreign policy taking “active measures” to support undemocratic regimes. It is unclear […]


Joe Klein and the Rotten Fruit of Arab Democracy

Sometimes words fail. Joe Klein, writing in the new issue of Time, wonders: How on earth do we get saddled with such creepy clients as Karzai and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, over and over again? Yes, why do they keep doing this to us?! His piece is a pox-on-both-houses rant about U.S. foreign policy: The “realists” often end up coddling dictators, and the idealists don’t understand how the world works. Of the latter, he writes: the tangible fruits of the Freedom Agenda turned out to be mostly rotten: elections in the Palestinian territories, which no one but Hamas (and Bush) […]