Disney Makes the World a Better Place, Reports Disney’s Network

On Tuesday (6/5/12), ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer introduced a news segment:   Michelle Obama appeared today with the CEO of our parent company, Disney, because Disney decided to do something historic to help fight childhood obesity and called in the big guns to do it, including a very, very famous mouse. The “historic” move: Food ads during ABC‘s children’s programming will now have to meet what correspondent Reena Ninan called “strict nutritional standards.” Ninan also touted Disney‘s earlier decision to phase out trans fats from its theme parks and offer “healthier options.” (“They say they saw real results. […]


Apple’s ABC Friends Get China Exclusive

With all the recent critical attention to Apple’s manufacturing policies, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the company decided to push back.One way Apple might do this is by granting an “exclusive” to a media outlet that might put out a different kind of story than the one that people have encountered via the New York Times (1/25/12) or This American Life (1/6/12). So here we have the news that ABC has been granted “exclusive” access to the massive Foxconn facility that has been at epicenter of the controversy over Apple’s labor practices. Why ABC? Forbes contributor […]


ABC to Affiliates: Don’t Interview That Movie Star–Yet!

No matter where you live, local TV newscasts tend to be pretty awful: a mash-up of crime, spectacle and celebrity–along with sports and weather. According to an item in the Hollywood Reporter, though, ABC has told its local affiliates not to cover one celebrity in particular: actor Johnny Depp. The actor is doing interviews to promote a new film called The Rum Diary, based on a book by Hunter S. Thompson. But according to the Reporter, Disney-owned ABC seems to think interviewing him about a movie that isn’t part of the Disney‘s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise would be bad […]


Best Hate Mail Ever

Tossing out old papers in preparation for an upcoming office move, I came across what was probably the best hate letter I’ve ever received. It came in response to FAIR’s work on talkshow host Bob Grant–who, after FAIR had documented his bigoted, violent rants and promotion of white supremacy, had been fired by Disney’s ABC, and prompty hired by rival station WOR. The unsigned fax contained a page of doggerel: Hey, “FAIR,” Bob’s still here. Your little plan didn’t work so well, so all of you can go to Hell. Bob Grant lives, he talks, he rules, And you look […]