Can Shock Radio Save the Fox Business Network?

News Corpse blogger Mark Howard (8/10/09) calls the fact that “industry sources are reporting that Don Imus is in talks with the Fox Business Network to simulcast his Imus in the Morning radio program” a “de facto admission by FBN that they have failed to attract an audience capable of sustaining the network.” Howard sees further evidence of the network’s struggles in that “they are approaching their second anniversary and still do not permit Nielsen to publish their ratings.” And their rumored acquisition bodes ill for whatever credibility may remain: Acquiring Imus would be a desperation play for eyeballs. While […]


Borat: Beyond ‘Politically Incorrect’

David Ansen (Newsweek, 12/22/08) has a point when he says that the movie Borat “epitomized the [Bush] era.” But he strikes a jarring note when he says: Racism, misogyny and homophobia come pouring out of the mouths of [Sasha] Baron Cohen’s unsuspecting dupes, and in a time of political correctness, when the slightest suggestion of bias on the lips of a public figure gets raked over the media coals, there was something fantastically liberating (and frightening) about seeing the national id so baldly exposed. Presumably Ansen’s thinking of someone like Don Imus, who was “raked over the media coals” not […]