Bill Keller Remembers the Downing Street Memos (Sort Of)

Bill Keller’s New York Times column (3/19/12) begins with what might be a bit of self-deprecation: “When you’ve been wrong about something as important as war, as I have….” You might take that as a cue to stop reading right there. But Keller’s point is that people should think long and hard about signing on to the latest calls for war. He writes: Sometimes our leaders start with the answers and work backward, fixing the facts to the policy, as the head of Britain’s MI6 said of the Potemkin intelligence used to sell the invasion of Iraq. As the link […]


‘Fawning Corporate Media’ as ‘Acrobatic Cheerleaders’

Under the succinct Consortium News subhed “Too Late the Leak” (7/24/09), former CIA analyst Ray McGovern revisits the Downing Street Minutes–which he says should represent the kind of documentary evidence after which trial lawyers, intelligence analysts–and serious investigative journalists–lust. Though the unauthorized disclosure did not come early enough to head off the war, which had started more than two years before the document surfaced, the unique disclosure could have thrown some harsh light on the war’s origins–if the Fawning Corporate Media in the United States did its job. However, having been acrobatic cheerleaders for war on Iraq, the FCM did […]