Audio: Gary Webb on ‘Dark Alliance,’ CIA and Drugs

Gary Webb (San Jose Mercury News)

A CounterSpin special broadcast about Gary Webb’s reporting featured excerpts from a talk by Webb, along with an interview with Norman Solomon discussing inaccuracies and distortions in establishment media attacks on Webb.


‘The Truth About Amsterdam’ – Not Found on Fox

Using the screenname “roberwter,” one resident of the Netherlands has posted (YouTube, 7/27/09) “a video response to a Fox News broadcast about my city, Amsterdam.” The short piece starts with clips of Bill O’Reilly and guests claiming that the Dutch‘s “experimentation with social tolerance, free love, free drugs, clearly has backfired” and that “Amsterdam is a cesspool of corruption, crime, everything is out of control. It’s anarchy.” Then, all under the headline “The Truth About Amsterdam,” roberwter provides something Fox‘s talking heads rarely bring to viewers–simple facts: Percentage of population that has ever used Cannabis USA: 40.3 percent Netherlands: 22.6 […]


On Corporate Media’s ‘Scoop’-Driven Xenophobia

“If media reports are to be believed,” Gabriel Arana of the Nation writes (5/27/09), “an Armageddon-like rash of drug-related violence–unlike any seen since ‘Miami Vice years of the 1980s‘–has crossed from Mexico into the United States, ‘just as government officials had feared.’” But that’s a pretty big if, even though “in the national media, it’s become a foregone conclusion that Mexican drug violence has penetrated the United States”: But the numbers tell a different story. According to crime statistics for American cities along the U.S.-Mexico border and major U.S. metro areas along drug routes, violent crimes, including robberies, have either […]


Pentagon Pundits Still Thriving at MSNBC

During coverage of the Obama administration’s 100-day mark, MSNBC had war reporter Richard Engel and anchor Tamron Hall interview MSNBC analyst Barry McCaffrey, who CJR.org‘s Clint Hendler (4/29/09) calls “the retired army general whose many conflicts of interest have been analyzed by David Barstow’s now-Pulitzer Prize winning reporting for the New York Times.” When asked by Engel about attempts to “draw away the Taliban’s source of funding by cutting down the opium crop or burning it or whatever,” McCaffrey was emphatic: “I think we’ve got to take it on. But, you know, the lead agent can’t be U.S. combat troops. […]