Media Love ‘Horrendous’ – if False – Card Check Impact

Washington Monthly contributing editor Art Levine has a piece for In These Times (5/31/09) reporting on economist Anne Layne-Farrar’s recent congressional appearance in which she warned about the horrendous impact of the Employee Free Choice Act. Its potential to increase union membership from between five and 10 percent, she said, ‘would result in an increase in the unemployment of around one and a half to three percentage points.’ Levine tells us how “Fox ‘Fair and Balanced’ News, naturally, in its TV report neglected to mention that her ‘research’ was funded by the corporate-friendly, anti-union ‘Alliance to Save Main Street Jobs,’” […]


Employee Free Choice for ‘Very Slow Reporters’

Asking “Can We Get Reporters to Stop Saying That EFCA Takes Away the Secret Ballot?” Dean Baker bluntly states (Beat the Press, 5/7/09) that “it’s not true.” Even though this is one of the “most often repeated lines of the opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act”–“that it will deny workers the right to vote decide on a union with a secret-ballot election”–Baker explains exactly how “that is wrong, wrong and wrong”: First of all, workers do not currently enjoy that right. Maybe that should be repeated a few times in case there are any very slow reporters reading: Workers […]