Newsweek’s Funny Numbers on Green Jobs

An article in the new issue ofNewsweek (10/24/11)–“Obama’s Big Green Mess: How the White House lost its Eco-Mojo”–presents White House policy as a series of failures. It starts off with federal inspectors finding serious problems with various weatherization projects. That’s just the tip of the iceberg–from Solyndra to stimulus, things aren’t looking good. But writers Daniel Stone and Eleanor Clift seems to want to give White House critics an assist with things like this: Overall, as the $787 billion economic stimulus–the primary engine for the green-energy agenda–came to an end September 30, it is clear that the program created far […]


Eleanor Clift: Doing the Deficit Rag

Newsweek‘s Eleanor Clift has a new piece headlined”Math Lessons: How Did a Concept as Unsexy and Complicated as the National Deficit Become the Galvanizing Political Issue of the Day?” Sheasks: “Why is the deficit the top issue in voters’ minds?” If she eliminated the word “why,” you’d be left with agood question to ponder. The answer would be no, andthe piece could end there. But instead of writing that piece,Clift wrote this: The deficit is really a symbol for the anger that people feel about the amount of money that has been poured into the economy, without any tangible returns […]