Bum Rap: The U.S. Role in Guatemalan Genocide

Ronald Reagan with Guatemalan dictator Rios Montt

The New York Times report, “Trial on Guatemalan Civil War Carnage Leaves Out U.S. Role,” raises at least one obvious question: How much has U.S. coverage of the Ríos Montt trial talked about U.S. support for genocide?


NYT Reports Honduras (Opponent Opinions) From Afar

Looking at a June 28 New York Times report that the “Honduran President Is Ousted in Coup,” A Tiny Revolution blogger Bernard Chazelle (6/28/09) writes that “from the byline alone, you know this is going to be good”: “Elisabeth Malkin, in Mexico City, with reporting by Simon Romero from Caracas.” To Chazelle this all “makes perfect sense since, as we all know, Mexico City and Caracas are the two major cities in Honduras. (Too bad they had no reporter in Bangkok. I hope the Pulitzer committee doesn’t notice.)” Moving on to the piece’s actual content [since altered by the Times], […]