Snowden Is Helping Terrorists (But Don’t Quote Me on That)


It looks like we might be on to a new phase in the Edward Snowden saga: anonymous government officials going to compliant media outlets to complain that his revelations have made it easier for terrorists to evade capture.


WPost: Stimulus Is Pork

There’s been a corporate media trope lately that the stimulus bill, despite Barack Obama’s assurances, contains “pork.” It’s not always clear what “pork” means, but the Washington Post today (2/13/09) had an example of the genre–headlined “Despite Pledges, Stimulus Has Some Pork”–that opens with a definition of what it means by the term. Unfortunately, it’s a definition that would seem to turn virtually any government spending into an instance of “pork.” Reporters Dan Eggen and Ellen Nakashima lead off: The compromise stimulus bill adopted by House and Senate negotiators this week is not free of spending that benefits specific communities, […]