WSJ Furthers Common Card Check Distortions

Writing that someone needs to “Tell the WSJ: Workers Can Already Unionize Without a Secret Ballot Election” (Beat the Press, 3/10/09), Dean Baker details how big media still gets this wrong: Okay, let’s see if we can teach the Wall Street Journal something this morning. In an article reporting on the prospects for the Employee Free Choice Act in the Senate, the WSJ told readers that “the bill would allow unions to organize workers without a secret ballot, giving employees the power to organize by simply signing cards agreeing to join.” Wrong! The current law already allows workers to organize […]


Help Challenge Media Misinformation on Labor Bill

A new FAIR action alert is targeting CNN host Lou Dobbs for peddling anti-union propaganda about the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), after Dobbs falsely suggested on his show (Lou Dobbs Tonight, 2/4/09) that the proposed new labor law would “end a secret ballot.” In fact, the EFCA would not take away workers’ rights to have a secret vote if they choose to; it would take away employers’ ability to force workers to have such a vote. (Click here to watch Dobbs’ misleading report about EFCA.) You can take action by emailing Dobbs at Please copy and paste your […]


The Post’s ‘Battle’ Over Card Check

Today’s Washington Post (12/9/08) features an article on the possibilities for Employee Free Choice Act– a measure that would recognize card-check unionization drives. EFCA has been pushed by labor groups and their allies, and the Post envisions the real battle is to come–hence the headline, “Battle Deepens Over Union Organizing: Labor May Be Key Issue for New Congress.” But in the Post, it’s not much of a battle at all–judging, at least, by whom the paper decides to quote. Three critics of the measure are cited: Rick Berman of the Center for Union Facts, Katie Packer of the Workforce Fairness […]