NYT Quotes a Social Security Defender, Only Bashes Him Indirectly

A New York Times piece (6/17/11) on Social Security actually quotes a defender of Social Security–but as that source notes, “the context looks designed to refute me.” In a story about the AARP suggesting that maybe Social Security benefits will have to be cut, the Times‘ Erich Lichtblau writes: But other advocacy groups that are pushing to preserve Social Security benefits accused AARP of effectively abandoning its core constituency. Doug Henwood, the Brooklyn editor of a liberal business blog and Internet radio program who has written on Social Security, said AARP’s willingness to consider cuts in benefits “reads like a […]


Lobbying for Dictators a ‘Precarious,’ ‘Uneasy’ Business

In 2007 Harper’s journalist Ken Silverstein wanted to do a story on Beltway lobbyists’ willingness to work on behalf of creepy dictators. So he went undercover: I decided to approach some top Washington lobbying firms myself, as a potential client, to see whether they would be willing to burnish the public image of a particularly reprehensible regime. The first step was to select a suitably distasteful would-be client. Given that my first pick, North Korea, seemed too reviled to be credible, I settled on the only slightly less Stalinist regime of Turkmenistan. As he reported, someof the lobbyists he approached […]