Suspect Ships: Is Everything About Iran Threatening?

Mock-up of a US aircraft carrier supposedly under construction in Iran

The story of an Iranian mockup of an aircraft carrier illustrates the corporate media presumption that, whatever is happening, Iran has “bellicose purposes” in mind.


Did NYT Tarnish ‘Journalistic Reputation’ of WikiLeaks?

The New York Times reports that Wikileaks’ “journalistic reputation was…undercut by two prominent articles published by the New York Times.” But if anyone’s journalistic reputation was hurt by those articles, it was the Times’.


NYT: Drone Strikes ‘Combat Militancy’ by Increasing Militants

In today’s New York Times article (6/6/12) about the apparent drone killing of Al-Qaeda “deputy leader” Abu Yahya al-Libi, Declan Walsh and Eric Schmitt write: If his death is borne out this time, it would be a milestone in a covert eight-year airstrike campaign that has infuriated Pakistani officials but that has remained one of the United States’ most effective tools in combating militancy. That’s revealing. It’s inarguable that the drones kill people the U.S. government wants to kill, and some it doesn’t intend to kill. But does this really qualify as “combating militancy”? In Yemen, the increase in droneĀ  […]


NYT’s Anonymous Drone Defenders

There is a big piece in the New York Times today (3/19/12) on the U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan. And, as has been the case before, the U.S. perspective comes via anonymous government officials: A senior American official in Washington said that the CIA had consistently taken precautions to reduce the risk to civilians, and noted that some strikes had killed Pakistan’s insurgent enemies, too. “These efforts have been extremely precise and effective,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the program’s covert status. And later readers get this: “The overriding concern is to avoid […]


Now It Can Be Told: Libyan Civilian Deaths

The Sunday New York Times (12/18/11) featured a powerful investigation of civilian casualties resulting from the NATO war in Libya–casualties that, to hear NATO officials tell it, maybe don’t even exist. The Times‘ C.J. Chivers and Eric Schmitt report: But an on-the-ground examination by The New York Times of airstrike sites across Libya–including interviews with survivors, doctors and witnesses, and the collection of munitions remnants, medical reports, death certificates and photographs–found credible accounts of dozens of civilians killed by NATO in many distinct attacks. The victims, including at least 29 women or children, often had been asleep in homes when […]