Putin’s ‘Delusions’ and Double Standards

John Kerry on CBS

Media are suggesting that Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s defense of his actions in Ukraine suggests he is delusional. But what do they call it when US leaders appear unable to remember US invasions of other countries?


Heading to War With Syria


Providing convincing evidence that chemical attacks actually were the work of the Syrian government should be the first order of business. But it’s hard not reach the conclusion that some in the media have already made up their minds.


WashPost on Wikileaks: *Yawn*

The stories in today’s Washington Post tell you everything you need to know about the media establishment’s reaction to the Wikileaks Afghanistan documents: WikiLeaks Disclosures Unlikely to Change Course of Afghanistan War By Greg Jaffe and Peter Finn …The documents’ release could compel President Obama to explain more forcefully the war’s importance, military analysts said…. Senior White House officials said the classified accounts bolstered Obama’s decision in December to pour more troops and money into a war effort that had not received sufficient attention or resources from the Bush administration…. In the near term, the Obama administration seems intent on […]