And Now, Our Expert on Africa… US Billionaire Michael Bloomberg


African leaders are in DC for a big summit, so CBS Face the Nation turns to noted Africa expert…Michael Bloomberg?


Who’s an Iran Expert? The Hawks Have Their Say


The Iran nuclear negotiations had the Sunday shows talking–but who are they talking to? And do they know what they’re talking about?


CBS Gives Iran Nuclear Fearmongering a Voice

Netanyahu with bomb diagram

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been sounding alarms over Iran’s nuclear program for two decades. On Sunday CBS Face the Nation gave him yet another chance to make dubious claims about the threats posed by their supposed weapons.


Michele Bachmann and Made-Up Media Bias

The Michele Bachmann presidential campaign–formerly treated as atop-tier juggernaut by Beltway media–has been floundering for weeks. Which makes right now as good a time as any for them to grab some headlines by shouting about liberal media bias. The Bachmann campaign was furious about email correspondence concerning a possible Bachmann appearance on a CBS Web show after the Saturday night debate. The network’s political director, John Dickerson, was lukewarm on the idea, mentioning that Bachmann’s poll numbers are quite low and that she wasn’t likely to be much of a factor in the debate. Even though Dickerson is correct, these […]


Another Sunday Morning, Liberal Media Style

ABC This Week host Christiane Amanpour (11/6/11) kicked the show off with a pretty funny joke: Clash of the titans in Texas last night, as Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich met for the first of a series of one-on-one Lincoln/Douglas-style debates. Less funny was the show‘s very imbalanced roundtable discussion: So let’s bring in our roundtable: George Will, the Huffington Post‘s Arianna Huffington, former George W. Bush strategist Matthew Dowd, and historian and Newsweek columnist Niall Ferguson, author of the new book Civilization: The West and the Rest. Three conservatives and the left-liberal Huffington. But if anything, ABC‘s panel was […]


CBS Celebrates 20 Years of Speaking…to Power

There’s a piece at the CBS website (9/21/11) by Robert Hendin marking Bob Schieffer‘s 20 years hosting the network’s Sunday morning show Face the Nation. Hendin, a senior producer for the show, writes: From the get go, Bob made his plans known. “Our aim is to going to be very simple here: to find interesting people from all segments of American life who have something to say and give them a chance to say it,” he said that morning. The piece goes on to reveal–likely by accident–a lot about what they mean by “all segments of American life.” So to […]


Sunday Morning Shocker!

Guess who’s booked to appear on the CBS Sunday morning chat show Face the Nation this weekend? None other than Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan. It has, after all, been an eternity since Sunday TV viewers had a chance to listen to Ryan talk about his Medicare-slashing budget plan. May 22 on Meet the Press, to be exact. FAIR’s new petition to the television networks asks why Ryan’s far-right plan has been getting so much more coverage than the People’s Budget of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Add your voice today!


What Union Voices Mean to the Wisconsin Debate

As we noted here, there weren’t many labor voices booked on the Sunday morning chat shows. One, actually–Richard Trumka from the AFL-CIO. ABC’s This Week featured four governors (two Democrats, two Republicans) talking about their fiscal problems. CBS‘s Face the Nation had a soft interview with New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Host Bob Schieffer asked him one question that began, “You have a reputation as a straight talker, I think….” Schieffer went on to play a clip of Christie bravely calling for Social Security cuts. Instead of questioning Christie’s totally inaccurate premise–that you “have to raise the retirement age”–Schieffer […]


WikiLeaks on Sunday State TV

The Afghanistan documents posted by WikiLeaks were obviously the big story of the week. So how did the network Sunday shows react to these disclosures, which have the potential to open up a real debate about the Afghan War? NBC‘s Meet the Press interviewed chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen. ABC‘s This Week featured an interview with Defense Secretary Robert Gates. On CBS, Face The Nation had Mike Mullen. What would state broadcasting look like again? CBS also had an interview with Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations (formerly of the Bush administration), who urged […]


Media Still Crushing on Old Flame Colin Powell

Robert Parry (Consortium News, 5/25/09) thinks that “there is no one, it seems, that the U.S. mainstream news media loves more than Colin Powell,” and as proof offers “Powell’s disingenuous response” to Bob Schieffer’s May 24 CBS Face the Nation “question about the ex-secretary of state’s knowledge regarding ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ which the International Committee of the Red Cross and virtually all other objective observers say constituted torture”: Powell–whom, Parry recalls, “was a member of President George W. Bush’s Principals Committee, which oversaw the interrogation policies”–claimed to an unchallenging Schieffer, “to have been kept mostly out of the loop…. He […]