Privacy and Social Media: It’s Complicated

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People sometimes talk about privacy like it’s a single thing that people want more or less of, when it’s really a number of different things that people put different values on.


The Price of Twitter Is Based on the Cost of You

Twitter birds (cc image: Darren Barefoot)

On the verge of an IPO, Twitter is estimated to have a market value of $15-16 billion. What does that mean for our society?


Not Much Diversity Among Media’s ‘Stay-at-Home Dads’

Screenshot from ABCNews.com

News outlets have been profiling stay-at-home fathers, who say they love being there for their kids even though it was hard to transition from the workforce to full-time parenting. It’s good to see media addressing gender norms, but there was not a lot of diversity among the interviewees in this small sample of articles.


Bob McChesney on Internet Giants and the National Security State

Last week on CounterSpin, we spoke with scholar and media historian Bob McChesney about his new book Digital Disconnect. His closing thoughts seems especially relevant in light of the blockbuster reporting this week from the Guardian and Washington Post.


Palestinians and the Proper Way to Grieve Dead Children


When a family of nine is killed in an airstrike, what is the proper way to grieve? That question might not occur to you, but readers of the New York TimesĀ (11/20/12) were treated to correspondent Jodi Rudoren‘s unusual critique of a funeral for members of the Dula family, whose home in Gaza City was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike on Sunday. “There were few if any visible tears at the intense, chaotic, lengthy funeral,” she wrote. “Instead, there were fingers jabbing the air to signal ‘Allah is the only one,’ defiant chants about resistance and calls for revenge, flags in […]


Facebook Is Losing Your Mail in Hopes of Receiving More Bribes

Facebook logo

Back in May, Facebook introduced its Promoted Posts program, giving groups and companies with pages on the social media site the option of paying to get their posts seen by more of their fans. The way Facebook works is that you don’t see every post by every friend or every page that you like–Facebook has a formula called Edgerank that tries to determine how interested you’d be in that post, based mainly on how much you’ve “liked,” shared or commented upon similar posts in the past, and how many people are liking, sharing and commenting on that particular post. At […]


Spreading the Word in the Era of Social Media

In the era of social media, the audience itself has a big say in how big the audience is. If you’d like FAIR’s messages to reach more people, there’s a number of simple things you can do to help. 1. Comment on the blog. A lively comment section draws readers to a blog. If you want an interesting conversation about media criticism, post the kinds of comments you think are interesting. 2. E-mail links to your friends. The simplest way to share content on the Internet–just copy and paste the url and send it to interested parties. 3. Post links […]


Sarah Palin, Health Policy Expert

A bit of NBC Nightly News last night, from reporter Mike Viqueria: But now Mr. Obama faces more friendly fire. After a key committee passed a plan to pay for reform with a tax on high-cost policies, major unions, normally Obama allies, took out full-page newspaper ads complaining that the tax will hit labor hardest and vowing that, without changes, they say, “We will oppose it.” And late last night opposition from a more familiar foe, Sarah Palin posting on her Facebook page and echoing insurance industry claims that the latest plan will mean higher premiums, writing, “Unintended consequences always […]