L.A. Times: Transforming Reform into ‘Reform’

Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post, 5/25/09) is offering, as “a particularly egregious example” of corporate media as “enabler of the transformation of real reform into D.C. ‘reform,’” a May 23 L.A. Times editorial she thinks “might as well have been written by industry lobbyists (the way many ‘reform’ bills are).” After her initial reaction to the subhead, “Stung by the excesses of the financial services industry, Congress is striking back”–“Actually, it wasn’t Congress that was ‘stung’ by those ‘excesses’–it was the entire world. And why is regulation of out-of-control markets ‘striking back’?”–Huffington warns us that “it gets worse”: “Rather than trusting […]