‘Troop Buildup on the Border’–We’ve Heard This Before


Claims about a Russian buildup on Ukraine’s border are being made based on intelligence that very few people have likely seen. NBC correspondent Jim Maceda went to the border area to check out the claims of Russian troop presence and couldn’t turn up much.


James Traub Bids a Fond Farewell to an Era of Constant Warfare

James Traub seemed a little bummed in a Sunday New York Times op-ed (“The End of American Intervention?,” 2/18/10), that military cuts and changing priorities will mean fewer humanitarian interventions in America’s future. So we must accept, if uneasily, the future which now seems to lie before us: We will do less good in the world, but also less harm. A leading advocate of “humanitarian intervention,” Traub doesn’t waste many words on the “harm” produced the by two decades of them, but he seems pretty sure about the “good.” For instance, he writes that the post-Cold War period “raised the […]


NYT, WaPo ‘Reticent’ on NIC Uproar

As “the American foreign policy community worked itself into something resembling a frenzy over the appointment of Charles W. ‘Chas’ Freeman to chair the National Intelligence Council”–because “at stake was, if not a direct policy battle of huge consequence, a real struggle over the range of viewpoints that will be permitted in an official government position”–Greg Marx says (, 3/13/09) that “if you get your news from the New York Times, you were totally oblivious to this story as it unfolded”: To recap: On February 19, Laura Rozen reported on Foreign Policy‘s website that Freeman, who is known for his […]