Heard the One About Lazy French Workers?

The Washington Post brings us the story of a right-wing U.S. businessman who is in a very public fight over the work habits of the French. Yes, we all know the folklore about the lazy French. What would be helpful here is some dose of reality–that’s what journalism can be good for.


Fast & Furious Conspiracies: Not Just at CBS

The “Fast & Furious” scandal has been a staple of right-wing media, where it is either evidence of a White House dodging accountability (a  legitimate argument) or a plot to create chaos in order to pass more stringent gun laws (a bizarre and nonsensical conspiracy theory). But a recent Fortune investigation (6/27/12) showed that the central claim at the heart of the scandal is flawed. Was there an ATF program to “walk” guns into Mexico in order to catch drug lords on the other side of the border? No. The problem, as the story documented, was that prosecutors were reluctant […]


Fortune Journalist–and Mitt Romney Adviser?

Sasha Issenberg reports in the Boston Globe (3/2/10) that Fortune magazine Washington bureau chief and Fox News pundit Nina Easton advised Republican Mitt Romneyon his recent book No Apology. Easton told the Globe that she “offered some writer’s advice on things like structure and how to better tease out themes in his writing.” This isn’t the first time Easton has had conflict-of-interest issues; her husband was a media consultant to Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign, and earlier worked for John McCain’s bid, entanglements that Easton dealt with by avoiding writing about her spouse’s boss (L.A. Times, 3/19/07). As Issenberg notes: Many […]