John Stossel, Free at Last

Rupert Murdoch’s latest hire John Stossel, speaking at a Michigan college: I quit ABC a couple weeks ago partly because they didn’t like what I was doing. They viewed it as too biased. Yes, ABC promoted Stossel to 20/20 anchor, gave him regular “Give Me a Break” commentary segments and one-hour, factually challenged primetime specials…all because they didn’t like him. It’s scary to think what the network would have done if they did like him.


Can Shock Radio Save the Fox Business Network?

News Corpse blogger Mark Howard (8/10/09) calls the fact that “industry sources are reporting that Don Imus is in talks with the Fox Business Network to simulcast his Imus in the Morning radio program” a “de facto admission by FBN that they have failed to attract an audience capable of sustaining the network.” Howard sees further evidence of the network’s struggles in that “they are approaching their second anniversary and still do not permit Nielsen to publish their ratings.” And their rumored acquisition bodes ill for whatever credibility may remain: Acquiring Imus would be a desperation play for eyeballs. While […]


Media Keep Faith in Dow Jones as Oracle

Prefacing a Daily Show segment (3/4/09) with his version of current big-media reporting: “Recent opinion polls indicate that six weeks into Barack Obama’s administration, the American public thinks they approve of his performance–but it turns out they’re wrong,” Jon Stewart runs clips of celebrity news figures like Fox‘s Sean Hannity asking, “How did the market react to this latest liberal spending spree? Well, the Dow Jones industrial average dropped almost 400 points,” and of Fox Business Network‘s Neil Cavuto asking, “The Dow is down more than 1,500 points, nearly 3,000 since Election Day, now is this a vote of no […]


Stimulus Bill Progresses–Cable News Doesn’t

The folks at Think Progress recently brought us “a report showing that, in the debate over the House economic recovery bill on the five cable news networks, Republican members of Congress outnumbered their Democratic counterparts by a ratio of 2 to 1.” Now that the legislation “passed the House last week with zero Republican votes, shifting the focus to the Senate,” a subsequent survey (2/6/09) finds that “though the venue has changed, the debate on cable has not improved much”: In a new analysis, ThinkProgress has found that Republican lawmakers outnumbered Democratic lawmakers 75 to 41 on cable news interviews […]