Fox Fortifying for ‘Dirtiest Political Assaults Ever’

Keeping tabs on the “Fair and Balanced” network, Mark Howard (News Corpse, 3/2/09) details how last year, prior to the election, Fox News was already fortifying its right flank. New multimillion dollar contracts were handed out to Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Hannity’s show shed the dead weight of alleged liberal Alan Colmes. Glenn Beck was brought in to shore up the daytime crowd. Neil Cavuto, a bully who is every bit as obnoxious as O’Reilly poisons the economic news, and he is also managing editor of Murdoch’s Fox Business News. And just this week Bill Sammon, author […]


NPR, Fox Collude to Hide Fake Lefty

Noting that “news organizations often encourage their journalists to appear on other platforms for promotional purposes,” former TVNewser Brian Stelter reports (New York Times, 2/15/09) that, “when the National Public Radio analyst Juan Williams speaks on the Fox News Channel‘s highest-rated program, the radio network doesn’t want any attention”: Mr. Williams, a longtime political analyst and author, is a paid contributor to both NPR and Fox News. His voice is a prominent one at Fox; he was a panelist for the network’s coverage of election night and Inauguration Day. When he appears on the cable channel, he is regularly described […]


Chris Wallace and Why Watergate Worked

At a screening of the film Frost/Nixon, Fox News Channel‘s Chris Wallace defends George W. Bush against the assertion–which doesn’t seem to have been made by anyone present–that Bush’s crimes were worse than Richard Nixon’s (Salon, 12/2/08): It trivializes Nixon’s crimes and completely misrepresents what George W. Bush did. Whatever George W. Bush did was after the savage attack of 9/11, in which 3,000 Americans were killed, it was done in service of trying to protect this country. I’m not saying that you have to agree with everything he did, but it was all done in the service of trying […]


Hannity Without Colmes

The announcement that Alan Colmes is leaving Fox News Channel‘s Hannity & Colmes show, where he serves as co-host to Sean Hannity, raises the pressing question: Will anyone notice? Fox News executives have long represented the show as an evenhanded nightly debate. Yet a reviewer in Britain’s Sunday Business Post (8/24/03) perhaps summarized the peculiarity of this Fox-style “debate” best in noting that “the titleâ┚¬Ã‚¦Hannity & Colmes is something of a misnomer, because the other host–the timid, bespectacled liberal Alan Colmes–acts essentially as a sacrificial lamb and may as well not be there.” Colmes identifies himself (USA Today, 2/1/95) as […]