Bruni’s ‘Middle’ = Corporate Tax Cuts and No Minimum Wage Hike?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (cc photo: Diana Robinson)

Andrew Cuomo is a ‘centrist’ politician–meaning one who promotes unpopular policies on behalf of the very rich.


NYT’s Bruni: Don’t Blame Bloomberg for Inequality–He Didn’t Mean It

Michael Bloomberg cc photo: Simone D. McCourtie / World Bank)

As an op-ed columnist, Frank Bruni was a heck of a restaurant critic. That was demonstrated once again by his farewell (New York Times, 9/10/13) to outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who Bruni thinks is getting a bum rap from the Democrats who are vying in the primaries today for a chance to succeed him.  Bruni particularly objects to frontrunner Bill de Blasio’s resonant tale of two New Yorks, the wealthy one that Bloomberg is accused of coddling and the less wealthy one that he supposedly showed the back of his hand…. It’s a narrative of either-or, of […]


Frank Bruni and the Media’s Snowe Crush

If you want an example of how much corporate media love so-called moderate Republicans, look no further than Frank Bruni‘s New York Times column (3/4/12): Back in 1999, when I covered Congress, I had a kind of crush on Olympia Snowe. Many of us in the Senate press gallery did. Well, that’s good to know. As Bruni tells it, Snowe “dared to disagree with her party,” which is something pundits always say they want to see more of. But Snowe’s record on this count has always been a bit exaggerated. Snowe often ended up arguing for minor tweaks to Republican […]


It’s GOOD That Romney Has No Principles

We’ve been seeing a lot of this sort of thing lately–this time from Elizabeth Wurtzel on TheAtlantic.com (1/9/12): All the reasons Romney is disliked are all the reasons he would be an excellent president. Let’s start by recognizing that principled politicians are highly overrated–consider Jimmy Carter as Exhibit A. Despite our pretensions to pretension, we are not a country that loves ideology–we’re not, heaven forbid, France–so much as we are a can-do people that, after all, last elected a yes-we-can president. We like what works, not what it says in The Communist Manifesto, which reads like a guidebook for a […]


New NYT Columnist’s Bush-Boosting History

Frank Bruni has been named the new Sunday op-ed columnist at the New York Times. Bruni has been writing restaurant reviews for the past few years, but came to a lot of people’s attention as the reporter covering the 2000 campaign of George W. Bush. Bruni went on to write a book about that experience, and one of the lessons in the book was that what Bruni actually thought about Bush’s campaign rhetoric and debate performances wasn’t really what he was reporting at the time. I wrote something about this when the book came out, though I can’t recall whether […]


NYT Love Letter to Longtime NYT Food Critic

Eater blog editor Amanda Kludt (8/20/09) has a sneak look at an embarrassingly fawning New York Times review of a new book by their own recently resigned food critic, Frank Bruni–and, “according to a tipster with a copy (not yet online), it’s a looooovefest”: Exhibit A: His writing has always been muscular and clear. Now that I have devoured his memoir, I hold him in even greater estimation, not only for his discernment and his accomplished prose but for his bravery. OK, Dominique Browning, so you’re impressed. But how about sending some more kisses Bruni’s way? Exhibit B: The love […]