Fox News Goes to the Middle (and Other Fantasies)

Is Fox News Channel going soft? In an election year? Some media figures seem to think the hard-right channel is going to the “middle,” but this seems to be a figment of the centrist imagination. New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman has a short piece trying to make this case. His first bit of evidence is that Fox granted backstage access at its recent Republican debate to a New York Times reporter–as Sherman put it, “Fox‘s decision to allowTimes scribe Jim Rutenberg into the building to confront the candidates in person.” That sounds rather aggressive, and Sherman sees this as some […]


Behind the Scenes at Fox Is Like in Front of the Scenes

Gabriel Sherman’s new piece in New York magazine (5/22/11) about Roger Ailes and Fox News Channel offers more indications that whatgoes on behind the scenesat Fox is more or less what you’d expect, given the channel’s obvious on-air slant. The person hired to run the news division has some peculiar ideas about news: Bill Sammon, a former Washington Times correspondent, angered Fox‘s political reporters, who saw him pushing coverage further to the right than they were comfortable with. Days after Obama’s inauguration, an ice storm caused major damage throughout the Midwest. At an editorial meeting in the D.C. bureau, Sammon […]


NY Magazine: ‘Enablers’ of High Finance Self-Pity

Describing his previous “ill-starred tenure at New York magazine” as having been “a crash course in the staggering unselfawareness of Manhattan class privilege,” Chris Lehmann (The Awl, 4/21/09) now applies his insight to the magazine’s recent “Rage of the Rich” issue, in which Gabriel Sherman “spells out with admirable, if analytically bankrupt, clarity” what Lehmann sees as “the secret conviction coursing through Wall Street’s caverns”: “Those who select careers in finance play an exceptional role in our society. They distribute capital to where it’s most effective, and by some Ayn Randian logic, the virtue of efficient markets distributing capital to […]