Asking Kerry Questions–but Which Ones?


John Kerry appeared on all of the Sunday talkshows. But he was mostly not asked about the case for war with Syria. Instead, the questioning was overwhelmingly concerned with Barack Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval for an attack on Syria.


Why Read the Press Release? Just Blame the Taliban

Investigative reporter Gareth Porter’s careful reading (Dissident Voice, 6/28/09) of “the official military investigation into the disastrous May 4 airstrike in Farah province” of Afghanistan, which “omitted key details” and “gave no explanation” for reasserting “that only about 26 civilians had been killed”–“well-documented reports by the government and by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission [showed] that between 97 and 147 people were killed”–yields a “central contradiction between the report and the U.S. military’s ‘human shields’ argument” that “was allowed to pass unnoticed in the extremely low-key news media coverage of the report.” In fact, news coverage of the report […]