Ethan Bronner on the Non-Crisis in Gaza

When I saw the July 3 New York Times headline “Setting Sail on Gaza’s Sea of Spin,” I expected the worst. Times reporter Ethan Bronner’s analysis piece on the Gaza humanitarian flotilla starts off predictably enough, saying there’s blame to spread all around: Almost everything about the flotilla stuck in Greece and waiting to challenge Israel’s blockade of Gaza seems to be a parable for something else, part of an unstated effort to recast the Israeli-Palestinian narrative in extreme terms. Instead of helping to clarify what Gaza needs and how it might build a future, the saga has merely brought […]


Washington Post Bungles History of Gaza Blockade

In an article (8/10/10) on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s testimony to an Israeli panel investigating the May 31 raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, the Washington Post gets the facts wrong on crucial history and context relating to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Joel Greenberg writes: Netanyahu said that the naval blockade, imposed by the previous Israeli government in January 2009 during a military offensive against Hamas, was meant to prevent the smuggling of arms to the Gaza Strip, which he described as “a giant weapons depot and base for attacks on Israel.” He added that 12 ships had […]


At Wall Street Journal, Reporting Assault Through Israel’s Eyes

In a news report on the Israeli military’s investigation of its own deadly raid on the Gaza aid flotilla, the Wall Street Journal (7/13/10) passes off as fact, with no qualifier, the Israeli government’s claim that members of IHH, a Turkish humanitarian organization, “attacked the Israeli soldiers as they boarded the ship.” While it’s true that activists on board the Mavi Marmara tried to defend themselves against Israeli naval commandos and fought with the Israelis (War in Context, 6/6/10), the Journalâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢s framing of the incident gets what happened on board the ship backwards, implying that it was the activists who […]