On Thatcher, What’s the Difference Between PBS & Fox News?


it was striking to see the parallels between the way Margaret Thatcher’s death was covered on the PBS NewsHour and Fox News Channel’s most popular show, the O’Reilly Factor. Though some people like to think that PBS and Fox couldn’t be further apart, they were basically singing the same tune.


What George Seldes Would Say About George Shultz Documentary

New York Times blogger Brian Stelter (7/20/10) reports on the controversy over the PBS documentary on George Shultz that was funded by Shultz’s friends and associates. Stelter quotes the producer of the show’s response to the criticism, along with FAIR’s rejoinder: The series’ producer, David deVries, said in a statement to Mr. Getler that “throughout the almost three years it took me to create the series, I was completely unaware of who the funders were.” (In response, FAIR said Tuesday that the producer needn’t be aware of the funders’ identities because the company behind the series, Free to Choose Media, […]


Action Alert: George Shultz’s Friends Fund a PBS Love Letter

FAIR has a new Action Alert (7/12/10) out about PBS airing a completely uncritical three-hour documentary about Reagan-era Secretary of State George Shultz–paid for by corporations with close ties to Shultz. You can leave copies of your messages to PBS, or comments on the alert, in the comment thread of this post.