Up Is Down, Down Is Up: Bill O’Reilly Explains OWS

On his Friday night show, Bill O’Reilly took his viewers to a magical place–one where the right-wing Koch brothers have no connection to the Tea Party movement, while Occupy Wall Street is a secret project directed and financed by the likes of Moveon.org, SEIU and George Soros. At the top of his broadcast, O’Reilly wondered if we are now in “phase two of the campaign to undermine America”–this would apparently be the phase where activists protest against police brutality, with an assist from “the radical MoveOn organization, which is funding some of the occupiers.” As he explained his conspiracy theory: […]


Fox Coverage of OWS: Now Even Beckier!

Fox‘s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement has often looked and sounded like Glenn Beck were still working there. On Friday’s broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor (10/14/11), Beck was there to show how wild conspiracy-mongering is done: O’REILLY: What’s the George Soros factor here? BECK: George Soros is connected with this through the Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation, his Open Society and Code Pink are involved in what is called the Wall Street Journal… Occupied Wall Street Journal. And it is a–it’s a full color newspaper. O’REILLY: Right. BECK: You know what it costs to print a newspaper. O’REILLY: […]


Is Glenn Beck Back at Fox News Channel?

It sounded like it, but it was just Bill O’Reilly channeling Beck’s Soros/MoveOn/Big Labor paranoia, minus the chalkboard: On Wednesday in New York City, there was another far-left demonstration as a bunch of people marched on Wall Street. Why? We aren’t exactly sure. What we do know is that these folks are zealots who are being organized by some very interesting people. Does the name MoveOn.org mean anything to you? How about George Soros? Well, for the first time, MoveOn, funded in part by Soros, has openly allied itself with the protesters. In addition, we have some unions in the […]


NPR Journalists Worry About (Some) Money

NPR ombud Alicia Shepard has a piece (5/25/11) about internal discomfort with a recent $1.8 million grant from the George Soros-connected Open Society Foundation. Shepard writes: The money is for a worthy purpose. NPR is using the two-year grant as seed money to start a local-national initiative, known as the Impact on Government project. Eventually, the plan is to have two public radio reporters in every state keeping tabs on state government issues that are woefully under-reported by the media. This is to be a multi-media project for radio, the Web and social media. It’s hard to argue against the […]


Glenn Beck’s Jewish Problem

Last Wednesday (Glenn Beck Program, 11/10/10), we got a glimpse of how low Glenn Beck will go to smear a political opponent. Beck’s lie that philanthropist George Soros helped “send the Jews to the death camps” during World War II, was, in essence, an attack on a Jewish child for the heartbreaking things he was put through in the course of surviving the Holocaust. But the smear was just part of the anti-Soros crusade Beck is carrying out on his national radio program and his Fox News show, portraying Soros as an “puppet master” who operates behind the scenes to […]


Raising Conflict Questions Some of the Time

The Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz (6/21/10) write aboutthe investigative journalism produced by the Center for Public Integrity, and wonders about its independence: The center has also received grants–including $300,000 last year–from the Open Society Institute founded by liberal philanthropist George Soros, sparking questions about whether its news agenda leans to the left. “We have a very clear firewall editorially,” Buzenberg says. “We decide what we want to do and how we want to do it.” Donors, he says, “may hate it and they may never fund us again, that’s their right. . . . It isn’t free to produce. We’ve […]