Stephanopoulos Hypes ACORN Hoaxers

ABC‘s Good Morning America got an “exclusive” with ACORN video hoaxters James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart on June 1. Here’s how host George Stephanopoulos set up the segment: James O’Keefe became a media sensation after he and a friend posed as a pimp and prostitute and secretly recoded ACORN workers giving them advice on how to cheat on their taxes. As FAIR noted in an action alert to the New York Times, O’Keefe didn’t “pose” as a pimp–he didn’t wear his absurd “pimp” get-up when he went in to ACORN offices, and in almost every case he presented himself as […]


Real Journalism Still Exists — Outside of ABC

While within the power-friendly environs of the corporate-funded Newseum, congressmembers John D. Rockefeller IV, Tim Pawlenty and Mary L. Landrieu probably felt pretty good about their ability to field such softballs from ABC‘s George Stephanopoulos as “What’s the problem with the public health option?” But upon leaving corporate TV’s criticism-free zone, where such lies as Rockefeller’s statement that “Medicare is gonna start going broke in 2017, which is like the day after tomorrow,” pass completely unchallenged, they each were questioned by real-life journalist Sam Husseini of WashingtonStakeout.com (9/15/09). Compare the treatment described above with Husseini’s calm but determined questioning of […]


The Way They See the World

The big news in the health reform debate is that the White House seems to be willing to give up on the “public option,” a government insurance program that would compete with private insurers. Everyone sees this as a big story, but there’s something revealing about the way the Washington Post‘s Ceci Conollyled her piece: Racing to regain control of the health-care debate, two top administration officials signaled Sunday that the White House may be willing to jettison a controversial government-run insurance plan favored by liberals. In Beltway mediaspeak, “regain control” must mean doing something that right-wing Democrats and Republicans […]


Media Echo U.S. Gov’t Attacks on Chavez

Images of the U.S. media’s longtime foe, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, with Obama at last weekend’s Summit of the Americas in Trinidad prompted some corporate reporters to take the unusual step of questioning the political motivations behind an official photo-op. On ABC‘s World News, Jake Tapper referred to Chavez’s gift of The Open Veins of Latin America to Obama as a “stunt” (video available here). George Stephanopoulos questioned whether Chavez was not just posing with Obama in order to take advantage of Obama’s popularity. “You have to wonder who would win a popular vote between Obama and Chavez in Venezuela […]


The Liberal Media Strike Again

The pundit panel fromSunday’s broadcast of ABC‘s This Week, introduced by the host: GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: And I am here for The Roundtable with George Will as always, Tom Friedman of the New York Times, former Speaker Newt Gingrich and Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal.


The Times, Obama and Ayers: 2,100 Words, and What Was the Point?

The New York Times splashed the Barack Obama-Bill Ayers “connection” story on the front page of Saturday’s paper. Obama’s practically non-existent ties to former Weather Underground figure William Ayers have been the subject of endless speculation among folks like right-wing yakker Sean Hannity, who suggested to ABC‘sGeorge Stephanopoulos that he should ask about Obama about Ayers in a debate (whichStephanopoulos subsequently did). So with a little more than a month left before the election, the Times grants2,100 words to explaining… well, that “the two men do not appear to have been close.” So why write the story in the first […]