WaPo Can Find Climate Denial Embarrassment Closer to Home

Senator Jim Inhofe with snowball

The Washington Post (3/1/15) is afraid that Sen. Jim Inhofe’s ridiculous claims about climate change are going to be a “national embarrassment.” It takes a much more tolerant attitude toward the climate deniers in its own employ. Inhofe, the Oklahoma Republican who chairs the Environment and Public Works Committee, took to the floor of the Senate to try to debunk the “hysteria on global warming” with a snowball and a photo of a snow fort. As the Post accurately notes: Global warming is a long-term and worldwide trend. The fact that it’s cold at one place on the Earth at […]


WaPo Bemoans a Climate Debate It Helped ‘Devolve’

Sarah Palin (cc photo: David Shankman)

The paper’s editorial page has a new focus on fighting climate change. But will it keep publishing climate nonsense?


With Filibuster Flip-Flops, George Will Displays His (Groucho) Marxist Tendencies

George Will may be the dean of conservative punditry with a reputation for sober consistency, but when it comes to intellectual honesty and principle–well, a person could get whiplash trying to follow his opportunistic and hypocritical positions over the years. On Thursday’s Special Report on Fox News (1/21/13), George Will was sad that the Democrats had invoked the “nuclear option,” preventing Senate minorities from using the filibuster to block presidential appointments, other than Supreme Court nominees. “It was a melancholy day for American life,” said Will: It diminishes minority rights, which are always at threat in a democracy, where majorities […]


Covering Weiner


“We shouldn’t even be wasting our time talking about Anthony Weiner,” the pundits say– and then they continue to talk about him anyway.


George Will & Theoretical Liberal Media Bias

FireShot Screen Capture #396 - ''This Week' Roundtable I_ This Week in Politics I Video - ABC News' - abcnews_go_com_ThisWeek_video_week-roundtable-week-politics-18749268

George Will offers imaginary headline to prove his point about liberal media bias. Real headlines, unfortunately, don’t back up his case.


FAIR TV: Sequester Spin, Iranian vs. U.S. Propaganda, Stop & Frisk Factcheck

Janine Jackson on FAIR TV

This week we take a look at how the Washington Post challenges some sequester spin. And CBS pokes fun at Iranian claims about Argo–but are the Iranians right that Argo is fiction? Plus George Will has some thoughts about stop-and-frisk policing.


George Will’s Stop & Frisk Factcheck


The ABC Sunday show This Week had not one but two roundtables this weekend. Right-winger George Will appeared on both of them, because… well, he knows a lot of stuff.


Harry Reid, the New Joe McCarthy

Senator Harry Reid started a whole lot of trouble on the campaign trail when he told some Huffington Post reporters that he’d heard that Mitt Romney paid no taxes. As in zero. For an entire decade. Now there are reasons to be skeptical of Reid’s account. As Dana Milbank pointed out, Reid’s record does not inspire confidence. He says he got this scoop in a phone call with a Bain Capital investor. There is no other documentation or information to substantiate the allegation. Of course, Romney could settle the issue by releasing his tax returns– which is presumably why Reid […]


The Future of the Planet? Get Over It

You would think–or maybe hope–that journalists who have to appear alongside climate change deniers would find it a bit awkward. It used to be that media were faulted for creating false “balance” in coverage of climate change–quoting reality-based scientists in roughly equal measure with non-scientists who either don’t think there’s a problem or don’t think human activity has anything to do with it. That doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem anymore (though it made a comeback after “Climategate”). But ABC has a built-in climate problem: The network’s Sunday morning show regularly includes right-wing climate denier George Will, […]


George Will, Grasping at Something

If you tuned in to ABC‘s This Week (5/27/12) to hear the panel of pundits discussing the economy, you may have George Will say this about Barack Obama: He’s made clear what the choice is this fall, and it really became clear, I think, this week. The president wants capitalism without casualties. He wants dynamism but no dislocations. Now, remember, this is the president who says that ATMs and airport ticket kiosks cause unemployment. That gives you his grasp of the economy. ATMs and ticket machines–what’s George Will talking about? it turns out there’s some back story here–none of which […]


It’s Hard to Change the Discussion of Poverty on Sunday Morning

FAIR’s recent study of the Sunday morning network shows documented a distinct right-wing bias in the guestlists. Republicans and conservatives were everywhere; progressives and people of color, not so much. Since the study was released, there left-leaning commentator/TV host Tavis Smiley has been on two shows, CBS‘s Face the Nation (4/22/12) and ABC‘s This Week (5/6/12) The latter showed how a guest like Smiley can broaden the discussion– at one point he invoked Martin Luther King’s critique of militarism to talk about current U.S. policy. And he talked about poverty: I think we have to all agree here, though, that […]


Richard Cohen on Candidate Lying Is Half-Baked–and Half Cribbed

Richard Cohen says he envies people who are persuasive liars. He really ought to envy people who are persuasive writers. His column today (4/17/12) is ostensibly about how Mitt Romney is a big liar. It goes almost its entire length, though, before citing any compelling examples of Romney lying. (Cohen does say call Romney’s claim “rubbish” that he doesn’t watch the ads his Super PAC supporters make to attack his opponents–but is it really so hard to believe that a candidate might choose to remain strategically ignorant about such spots?) At the end, he points out that Romney claims Obama […]


Rush and the Right: The ‘Clown’ GOP Leaders Fear

Rush Limbaugh’s attack on Georgetown student Sandra Fluke–calling her, among other things, a “slut” for advocating for contraceptives coverage–has caused some stirrings on the right that are worth looking at. One outcome is the idea that Limbaugh’s an outlier who sensible people repudiated. Kathleen Parker‘s Washington Post column on Saturday (3/2/12) cheered Limbaugh for uniting all decent people in opposition to his crude attacks: Who’d have thought that Rush Limbaugh would become the great uniter in this divisive political season? Indeed, he has united decent people of all stripes and persuasions with his vile remarks about a Georgetown University law […]