MSNBC: No Time for Obama’s Kill List?

The New York Times‘ lengthy report (5/29/12) on Barack Obama’s drone “kill list” should provoke serious questions: Is such a program legal? How does it square with Obama’s criticism of the Bush administration’s “war on terror” policies? What does it tell us about how the administration identifies “militants” who are targeted for assassination? But those questions have been raised only in fits and starts–and are basically absent from the liberal cable news channel MSNBC. In fact, a far more interesting discussion of these questions can be heard on Fox News Channel. It’s not all good on Fox, naturally. Host Bill […]


Geraldo Rivera and the Pre-Post-Racial America

Remember when the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama was going to usher in a new “post-racial” era in American politics? It was obvious at the time that that was a pipe dream, but it’s remarkable how much the U.S. discourse on race has actually gone backward–as illustrated by Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera’s comments on the killing of Trayvon Martin. Appearing on Fox & Friends (3/23/12), Rivera asserted that the 17-year-old’s attire was as much to blame for his death as the person who shot him: “I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let […]


Fox Coverage of OWS: Now Even Beckier!

Fox‘s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement has often looked and sounded like Glenn Beck were still working there. On Friday’s broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor (10/14/11), Beck was there to show how wild conspiracy-mongering is done: O’REILLY: What’s the George Soros factor here? BECK: George Soros is connected with this through the Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation, his Open Society and Code Pink are involved in what is called the Wall Street Journal… Occupied Wall Street Journal. And it is a–it’s a full color newspaper. O’REILLY: Right. BECK: You know what it costs to print a newspaper. O’REILLY: […]


Geraldo Rivera as Voice of Journalistic Conscience?

The Houston Chronicle‘s Susan Carroll (6/30/09) reports that Fox News celebrity journalist Geraldo Rivera “was touched” by the televised statement of a daughter mourning her law enforcement father who “was killed last week by a suspected illegal immigrant,” but also stepped up to speak to the truth larger than divisive media coverage of the matter: “We all deplore violent crime, but what has happened is that with these anecdotal tragedies, we have demonized an entire race of people in this country,” Rivera said. “Immigrant and nonimmigrant alike. Citizen and noncitizen alike.”… Rivera…said the tone of the immigration debate has had […]