USA Today: Finally People Are Protesting Wall Street!

I think people are genuinely surprised by the corporate media’s shift on Occupy Wall Street: Things went from apathy, scorn and derision to front-page news rather quickly. USA Today‘s editorial today (10/12/11) is headlined “Five Good Reasons Why Wall Street Breeds Protesters.” It has the usual caveats–“The protesters’ rhetoric against capitalism and ‘corporate greed’ is over the top, and they seem devoid of remedies,” the paper notes–but on balance, the message is that there’s plenty to protest. What’s galling is the sense that USA Today‘s been outraged all along. As when they explain: Through lobbyists and campaign contributions, the banking […]


Rare Media Criticism for Obama’s Cabinet

The corporate media has more or less been on the same page in applauding Obama’s cabinet picks so far–“He’s been pragmatic in choosing pragmatists,” as the Washington Post editorial page cheered on November 28. There’s been occasional criticism of Obama’s choices as being too progressive, as when the L.A. Times (12/5/08) attacked the idea of Rep. Xavier Bercerra as U.S. trade representative, declaring that Obama “should break his promises and appoint a free-trader as trade representative.” So it was refreshing to see Michael Hirsh’s piece in Newsweek wondering why left-leaning Columbia economist Joseph Stiglitz hasn’t been in the mix: But […]