Occupy and Inequality: Zakaria Listens to CEOs

FireShot Screen Capture #634 - 'On GPS_ Blankfein on debt ceiling' - www_cnn_com_video_data_2_0_video_bestoftv_2013_10_09_exp-gps-blankfein-debt-ceiling_cnn_html

CNN host Fareed Zakaria dedicated a portion of his October 13 CNN show to a discussion of income inequality and the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. The guests? Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein and two other CEOs.


Someone Has to Defend Goldman Sachs

And that someone is Fareed Zakaria, in columns published in the Washington Post (“Cool the Goldman Rage”) and in the Post-owned Newsweek. Zakaria is unimpressed by the SEC’s fraud case against Goldman Sachs; he likens the firm’s mortgage securities bonds to someone placing a bet against the New York Yankees. Then he writes: But the rage surrounding the Goldman case can cloud our perspective and distort public policy. We’re going through a familiar part of America’s boom-and-bust cycle. Having been mesmerized during the go-go years, having unduly lionized and feted industries, firms, and people as they rode the wave, we […]