ABC News Exclusive: Our Parent Company’s Awesome New Things


It doesn’t appear that ABC bothered with the sort of normal journalistic disclosure during its segment on its parent company’s theme park. Maybe it’s simply too hard to keep track of all the Disney promotion they’re doing.


Animals Are Funny, and Other News From ABC

Matthew Yglesias (8/3/10) has a good takedown of senators John McCain (R.-Ariz.) and Tom Coburn’s (R.-Ok.) list of supposedly wasteful stimulus projects that generated an “exclusive” on ABC‘s Good Morning America (8/3/10): Jon Chait observes that McCain and Coburn also seem to have decided that anything relating to animals is necessarily waste. Hence a small grant to fund research on cocaine addiction and relapse is turned into “Monkeys Getting High for Science.” Hardy-har-har. There’s a case to be made that the government has no role to play in funding scientific research, but it’s a mighty bad case. If you think […]


Structural Racism Not on ABC’s Agenda

ABC‘s Good Morning America did a special 3-part series on race this week, “Black and White Now,” to “look at race relations in America.” All three parts revisited old experiments or news stories. The first (3/31/09) was a repeat of an experiment with children playing with black and white dolls, showing that now kids don’t tend to think that the black doll is mean and the white doll nice, like they did in the ’40s–although some black girls still say the black doll is ugly and the white doll pretty. The report cited William Julius Wilson saying “there’s still work […]