How Many Unnamed Officials Does It Take to Deny Civilian Deaths?

Hamid Karzai (cc photo: Smithsonian/Jim Wallace)

What do you do when the president of another country says US forces killed civilians there? You get US and other allied officials to anonymously deny it.


How Dare Hamid Karzai Take Our Money!


NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams had a most peculiar reaction to revelations that Afghan president Hamid Karzai receives regular deliveries of cash from the Central Intelligence Agency.


NYT Points Out Uncanny Parallels Between Karzai and Che

NewYork Times (12/3/10): Mr. Karzai first burst onto the international stage in the style of Che Guevara, slipping over the Afghan border from Pakistan in 2001 as United States forces pounded the Taliban, before being installed by the West. President George W. Bush invited him to his first State of the Union speech after September 11, 2001, where Mr. Karzai sat in the audience as a symbol of heroes who emerged from the terrorist attacks. Yep, just like Che–you remember when he was installed into power by the U.S., and then invited to the State of the Union address.


NPR’s Afghanistan Stenographers Bureau Still Open

NPR watchdog Mytwords (NPR Check, 3/28/09) would just “love to know what it costs NPR to station Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson in Afghanistan,” from where she dispatches to U.S. public radio such “news” as U.S.-installed Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai telling reporters “that he welcomes the increased American focus on Taliban and al-Qaeda sanctuaries in Pakistan,” that “the plan will help restore Afghans’ faith in western efforts in their country” and–in an actual soundbite from Karzai–“It’s exactly what Afghan people were hoping for and seeking, therefore it has our full support.” Nelson also reported, “Meanwhile in the southern province of Helmand, Afghan […]