Obamacare as a ‘Big Government’ Failure


Pundits’ discussions of the Affordable Care Act rollout assumes that the law represents some kind of “activist government” intervention to disrupt the normally smooth workings of the private sector. But that is neither the intent nor the effect of the law.


NewsHour Showcases Its Education ‘Reform’ Funder

Last night (6/4/12) the PBS NewsHour launched “a series about teachers, testing and accountability in public schools.” And while I’m sure there will be some bright spots, the rollout was a reminder of some of the big problems in media coverage of public education. At the top of the show anchor Jeffrey Brown announced, “Our first part includes the views of one of the more outspoken reformers and players in this debate.” That terminology, so prevalent in the schools debates, should be avoided. If the corporate-minded, pro-charter test-obsessed are the “reformers,” then what does that make someone who disagrees with […]