Meet the Press Gets Out of the Beltway–But Takes Washington Worldview Along


NBC’s Meet the Press is introducing segments called “Meeting America,” billed as an attempt to get out of the Beltway bubble. It’s a fine idea in theory, but their first installment, a look at the Keystone XL pipeline, was a flop.


Not Enough Debate in Morning Joe’s Walmart Wage Debate


An MSNBC debate on Walmart and the minimum wage need at least one thing: More debate.


Meet the Press Panel: From GE to Morgan Stanley

There’s an old joke about how the pundit spectrum in corporate media debates goes from GE all the way to GM. On Sunday‘s Meet the Press, viewers got a chance to see that joke come to life. On the panel was conservative former GE CEO Jack Welch, conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks and NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell. The left end of the spectrum must have been former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr., best known for his time leading the center-right Democratic Leadership Council. Nowadays Ford is a TV pundit (the “liberal” who advises Democrats to move further right) […]


NBC’s Sunday Morning Austerity Program

You got a sense from some of the coverage of the Simpson/Bowles deficit commission report that their right-leaning prescription was exactly the kind of solution the corporate media could get behind. Charlie Rose could apparently only find two panelists who wished the commission had gone further with its spending cuts. On NBC‘s Meet the Press (11/14/10), the panel discussion featured former Fed chair (and Ayn Rand devotee) Alan Greenspan and far right former Republican politician Newt Gingrich. On the “other” side was Harold Ford, currently the chair of the right-leaning Democratic Leadership Council. A debate from the near-right to the […]