Courant Lousy With Bedbugs, Advertiser Influence

Laura Northrup of (8/15/09) reports that, after 40 years at the Hartford Courant, consumer affairs columnist George Gombossy now says he “‘was fired for doing [his] job,’ after his last column exposed the bedbug-infested mattresses sold by a major Courant advertiser.” The Connecticut paper killed Gombossy’s account of an Attorney General investigation into Sleepy’s–though it has published a stock defense that “our advertisers have no influence on what we report, including stories that may include them.” Gombossy exposes “some issues of credibility” when responding to the Courant‘s further claim that he “knew his job was being eliminated while we […]


Former Hannity Associate Upgrades His Hate

Former Sean Hannity show regular Hal Turner recently was arrested for blogging that “we have enough bullets to put… down” those not heeding his “warning to others in government: Obey the Constitution or die.” While criminal prosecution most definitely is not the general solution for hateful commentary, the Hartford Courant‘s Edmund H. Mahony (6/25/09) reports facts that clearly move the Internet radio host’s rantings from the realm of First Amendment protection solidly into incitement of violence. Turner, Mahony writes, was arrested again Wednesday on charges that he threatened to assault and murder three federal judges in retaliation for a ruling […]