Bill Maher Urges Vilification of Bill Maher

Bill Maher

On his last HBO show, Bill Maher complained about how much he and his wealthy cohort pay in taxes. But he’s unlikely to get much sympathy from the 2010 version of Bill Maher.


Aaron Sorkin, Media Critic

Screenwriter and TV producer Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming HBO show The Newsroom apparently follows a cable news host who decides to stop playing it safe; he follows his conscience and starts doing shows about things that actually matter. (It’s fiction, in other words.) In an interview with USA Today (6/20/12), Sorkin reveals that he’s been thinking about the role of the media: “I don’t see the liberal bias—and I’m trying to—that I hear about,” he says. “What I do see is a bias toward fairness, a bias toward neutrality, a bias toward false equivalency. That if a Republican has lied, it’s […]