CNN: ‘Making Blacks Look Bad’ So ‘Whites Feel Good’

Ishmael Reed’s contextualization (CounterPunch, 6/29/09) of the epic demonization of Michael Jackson within historical U.S. media racism also takes a swipe at CNN‘s Black in America program, “an exercise meant to boost ratings by making whites feel good by making blacks look bad, the marketing strategy of the mass media since the 1830s“: In preparing for a sequel to the first Black in America, which boosted the networks ratings (the O. J. trial saved CNN!), CNN rolled out the usual stereotypes about black Americans. Unmarried black mothers were exhibited, without mentioning that births to unmarried black women have plunged since […]


Privacy Policy Hypocrisy and Censorship at NPR

Eugene Hernandez of indieWIRE.com reports (5/11/09) that NPR censored its own review of the Outrage documentary for “nam[ing] politicians believed to be closeted homosexuals in the film, specifically those whose public voting record counters the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans.” NPR cited its privacy policy as reason, but to Hernandez “it seems to support charges by [director Kirby] Dick, made in the film, that the mainstream media has a history of handling stories of politicians same-sex orientations with kid gloves”: “It’s not about outing,” [Outrage distributor Eamonn] Bowles noted today, reiterating a point being made continuously by filmmaker […]