CBS Covers Liberia’s Ebola Crisis–Without Liberian Voices


CBS presented a very moving and dramatic account of the fight against ebola in Liberia. But no Liberians spoke in the piece.


NYT Apologizes for Positive Review of Progressive Book

It was surprising to see that critical scholar Mahmood Mamdani’s new book (which is largely about debunking Western notions about Darfur and genocide–something he discussed on CounterSpin) got a positive review in the New York Times (3/30/09). Today (4/3/09) the paper sort of apologizes, in an editor’s note (only in the print edition, so far): The Books of the Times review on Monday was about Saviors and Survivors: Darfur, Politics and the War on Terror, by Mahmood Mamdani, a professor of government at Columbia University. The review was written by Howard W. French, a former reporter for the New York […]