Washington Post Prints Iraq Lies, 2013 Edition

Thanks to the Washington Post, we’re still reading lies about the Iraq War ten years later.


Ten Years Ago, the Truth About Iraqi WMDs Was Published–and Ignored

Hussein Kamel

Ten years ago, a major American magazine published a bombshell report about the non-existence of Iraq’s WMDs. But it was hardly noticed by a corporate press corps too busy hyping the threat from those non-existent weapons.


Newsweek Enables Colin Powell’s Iraq War Revisionism

Right before the United States invaded Iraq, Newsweek magazine published a remarkable story. Reporter John Barry revealed that former Iraqi weapons chief Hussein Kamel had told UN inspectors in 1995 that the country had destroyed its stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. As FAIR pointed out at the time, this was a remarkable discovery, especially considering that Kamel’s words had be used so often by U.S. officials to serve the opposite point–that Iraq still posed a dire threat.  As FAIR pointed out: According to Newsweek, Kamel told the same story to CIA analysts in August 1995. If that is true, […]