U.S. Media Complicit in U.S. Intimidation of Media

Discussing (5/31/09) the “story on the two U.S. journalists detained in North Korea,” NPR Check‘s Mytwords states clearly that it “deserves coverage, as did some coverage of [Roxana] Saberi’s arrest in Iran (though not the wall to wall attention given by NPR).” But a reader‘s link to the L.A. Times‘ May 24 “article on another irregular (illegal?) detention of a journalist” sheds light on a glaring double standard: In this case the journalist was seized by U.S. forces and its allies. The reader noted the lack of NPR coverage on the abduction/detention of Ibrahim Jassam, complaining that NPR has voiced […]


Press Freedom ‘Lip Service’ vs. ‘de Facto U.S. Policy’

Reporting that “the Obama administration has recently paid a lot of lip service to freedom of the press, particularly around the case of Iranian-American journalist Roxanna Saberi, who was released May 11 from an Iranian prison,” Jeremy Scahill asks (Rebel Reports, 5/26/09) the simple question, “If Iran Freed Roxanna Saberi, Why Won’t the U.S. Release Journalist Ibrahim Jassam?” Part of the answer might lie in a media environment heeding former Col. Ralph Peters’ recent “essay for a leading neocon group calling for future U.S. military attacks on media outlets and journalists” along with “censorship” and “news blackouts.” Of course, Scahill […]