Tom Friedman, Churchill and Immigrants

Winston Churchill

If Tom Friedman wants to slam Republicans’ anti-immigrant policies, he probably shouldn’t be summoning the ghost of Winston Churchill.


George Will Thinks You Don’t Know Any Latinos, Either

George Will, defending Arizona’s draconian new immigration law, concludes his column (Washington Post, 4/28/10) with this today: Arizonans should not be judged disdainfully and from a distance by people whose closest contacts with Hispanics are with fine men and women who trim their lawns and put plates in front of them at restaurants, not with illegal immigrants passing through their back yards at 3 a.m. There are 47 million Latinos in the United States. Will’s assumption that the only ones known to the readers he’s addressing are likely to be waiting tables or mowing lawns is quite bizarre–and a testament […]


Geraldo Rivera as Voice of Journalistic Conscience?

The Houston Chronicle‘s Susan Carroll (6/30/09) reports that Fox News celebrity journalist Geraldo Rivera “was touched” by the televised statement of a daughter mourning her law enforcement father who “was killed last week by a suspected illegal immigrant,” but also stepped up to speak to the truth larger than divisive media coverage of the matter: “We all deplore violent crime, but what has happened is that with these anecdotal tragedies, we have demonized an entire race of people in this country,” Rivera said. “Immigrant and nonimmigrant alike. Citizen and noncitizen alike.”… Rivera…said the tone of the immigration debate has had […]


Racist Group Plies Journalists With Honors, Cash

Steven T. Jones and Sarah Phelan are reporting (San Francisco Bay Guardian online, 6/19/09) on San Francisco Chronicle immigration reporter Jaxon Van Derbeken’s acceptance of “an award and cash prize (he refuses to say how much) from the Center for Immigration Studies–which a Southern Poverty Law Center report in February 2009 criticized for its overtly racist roots and extreme anti-immigrant agenda”: Van Derbeken and Ken Conner, the Chron‘s assistant managing editor for news (whom the reporter consulted before accepting the award), told the Guardian that they see nothing wrong with accepting the award and they don’t see it as validating […]


Right Media Darlings as Racist Double Murderers

A posting on Timothy Karr’s Media Citizen blog (6/17/09) contrasts Crooks & Liars‘ collection of cable news pundits like Lou Dobbs and Bill O’Reilly likening the anti-immigrant Minutemen to a giant, friendly “neighborhood watch” organization with the “chilling double-murder” Minutemen leader Shawna Forde is accused of–describing “the 911 recording of the mother as she witnessed the execution of her 9-year-old daughter and husband. But what’s even more infuriating is the way many prominent right-wing media pundits have made this group the darlings of 21st century patriotism”: Frank Rich’s most recent New York Times column explains how crimes of this sort […]


On Corporate Media’s ‘Scoop’-Driven Xenophobia

“If media reports are to be believed,” Gabriel Arana of the Nation writes (5/27/09), “an Armageddon-like rash of drug-related violence–unlike any seen since ‘Miami Vice years of the 1980s‘–has crossed from Mexico into the United States, ‘just as government officials had feared.’” But that’s a pretty big if, even though “in the national media, it’s become a foregone conclusion that Mexican drug violence has penetrated the United States”: But the numbers tell a different story. According to crime statistics for American cities along the U.S.-Mexico border and major U.S. metro areas along drug routes, violent crimes, including robberies, have either […]


On Boston Hate-Jock’s History of ‘Incendiary Comments’

Reporting on how “Jay Severin, the fiery right-wing talkshow host on Boston’s WTKK-FM radio station, was suspended yesterday,” (5/1/09), the Boston Globe‘s David Abel lists just a few of the “fiery” jock’s “incendiary comments”: In one of his broadcasts this week, Severin said: “So now, in addition to venereal disease and the other leading exports of Mexico–women with mustaches and VD–now we have swine flu.” Later, he described Mexicans as “the world’s lowest of primitives.” “When we are the magnet for primitives around the world–and it’s not the primitives’ fault by the way, I’m not blaming them for being primitives–I’m […]


Coulter Updates Her Hatebook Status

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok (HateWatch, 2/13/09) gives a review of Ann Coulter’s lengthy history of “sliming everyone and everything she disagrees with” before disclosing that, “despite denouncing school desegregation as a ‘spectacular’ failure, Coulter has generally avoided bolstering white supremacist hate groups. Until now, that is”: In her latest foaming-mouth tome–Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America, released on January 6–Coulter spends the better part of three pages defending a group called the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), which the New York Times had described as a “thinly veiled white supremacist organization.” Coulter begs to differ. […]


From Selma to Long Island: NYT Denounces Outside Agitators

There was an Editorial Observer piece in the New York Times today (12/4/08) that really read like a piece from the segregated South of the 1950s, taking the side of the Jim Crow-enforcing sheriff against the outside agitators. The piece described an event at a church in Patchogue, N.Y., that encouraged immigrants to talk about hidden hate crimes in a community where a gang had allegedly targeted immigrants for a string of assaults that went unreported until the crimes escalated into the murder of Ecuadorean Marcelo Lucero. The church’s pastor, working with an activist group, got immigrant crime victims to […]