Advice on Balancing Work and Life Could Use More Balance

Catherine Rampell

One of the most important facts left out while discussing breadwinners? Of female breadwinners in America, 63 percent are single moms with a median family income of just $23,000.


D.C. Press Corps Sits on Hands as Actual Reporter Is Silenced

For a dramatic presentation of what’s wrong with the D.C. press corps, watch as In These Times reporter Mike Elk is silenced by Honeywell goons as he tries to ask a question about a poison gas leak–and his colleagues sit quietly by, except for one who encourages the goons because Mike doesn’t have a credential from the Capitol Hill Press Club!


David Gregory’s Factcheck Fail on Show’s Sponsor

Labor journalist Mike Elk (In These Times, 5/16/11) made an excellent point after watching NBC host David Gregory interview Newt Gingrich on Sunday’s Meet the Press (5/15/11). Elk wrote: Speaking yesterday on Meet the Press, Republican presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said that “the Obama system of the National Labor Relations Board [NLRB] is basically breaking the law to try to punish Boeing and to threaten every right-to-work state.” While Meet the Press host David Gregory vigorously challenged Newt Gingrich on details of his personal life, he failed to challenge Gingrich on his false […]


‘Net in Your Pocket’ Yields to AT&T’s ‘Digital Impasse’

Admitting “the temptation to join the growing legions of iPhone admirers is strong,” independent reporter Megan Tady (In These Times, 7/2/09) is discussing “what’s stopping me from signing up.” Her own personal decision is based on the fact that “purchasing an iPhone means I have to become an AT&T subscriber. The company has an exclusive deal with Apple to provide wireless service to iPhoners”–which means, among other things, that Tady would be “backed into a corner. If I don’t like AT&T, or it’s not available in my area, I’m facing a digital impasse: no service, no phone”: This is unfortunate, […]


Media Love ‘Horrendous’ – if False – Card Check Impact

Washington Monthly contributing editor Art Levine has a piece for In These Times (5/31/09) reporting on economist Anne Layne-Farrar’s recent congressional appearance in which she warned about the horrendous impact of the Employee Free Choice Act. Its potential to increase union membership from between five and 10 percent, she said, ‘would result in an increase in the unemployment of around one and a half to three percentage points.’ Levine tells us how “Fox ‘Fair and Balanced’ News, naturally, in its TV report neglected to mention that her ‘research’ was funded by the corporate-friendly, anti-union ‘Alliance to Save Main Street Jobs,’” […]