Occupy and Inequality: Zakaria Listens to CEOs

FireShot Screen Capture #634 - 'On GPS_ Blankfein on debt ceiling' - www_cnn_com_video_data_2_0_video_bestoftv_2013_10_09_exp-gps-blankfein-debt-ceiling_cnn_html

CNN host Fareed Zakaria dedicated a portion of his October 13 CNN show to a discussion of income inequality and the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. The guests? Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein and two other CEOs.


Public TV’s Inequality Balancing Act

The PBS NewsHour did a pretty strong piece last month (8/16/11) on inequality in America. So perhaps it was a sense of “balance” that drove them to do a follow-up segment on September 21 that argued that things aren’t so bad after all. As anchor Jeffrey Brown put it: NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman has been examining that subject, including studies showing an alarming rise in the so-called wealth gap. But tonight’s interview takes issue with that view. It turns out that one of Solman’s old friends, American University economics professor Bob Lerman, didn’t much care for that piece: “It […]


We Can’t Talk About Class Because We Can’t Talk About Why We Can’t Talk About Class

In the L.A. Times today (9/21/11), media reporter James Rainey asks a very important question: In a week that saw the number of people in poverty hit a half-century high and President Obama propose a tax increase on those with million-dollar incomes, will America and the American media finally dig in for a serious conversation about class? And his evaluation of the media’s performance on wealth-and-poverty issues accords with what FAIR has found when we’ve looked at the coverage (Extra!, 9-10/07, 6/10). Here’s Rainey’s take: Even though economists say the gap between haves and have-nots has been building for three […]