Journalists Back on the Chained Gang

Chicken Cow, by Egui_

Don’t expect much help from corporate media on understanding the “Chained CPI,” because selling the “grand bargain” requires citizens not really knowing what this part of the deal entails.


WaPo on Healthcare: ‘Correct. But. . . Not Helpful’

Presenting yet another example of corporate media failure to grasp the concept of “Adjusted for Inflation,” Kevin Drum (, 7/26/09) has written up a Washington Post piece in which “David Brown says that as treatment for heart attacks has gotten better, it’s also gotten more expensive”: “Over the same period, the charges for treating a heart attack marched steadily upward, from about $5,700 in 1977 to $54,400 in 2007 (without adjusting for inflation).” I continue not to understand why anyone would write this. Why not this instead? “Over the same period, adjusted for inflation, the charges for treating a heart […]