FAIR at Left Forum in NYC

This Saturday I’ll be on a panel at Left Forum titled “Racism and Resistance in the Immigration Debate,” with former FAIR communications director Isabel Macdonald, Monica Novoa of Drop the I-Word, Sonia Guinansaca of the New York State Youth Leadership Council and Esther Kaplan of the Nation Institute, moderated by my former Paper Tiger colleague Denisse Andrade. Below is the description. I’ll be talking about my recent article, “Time to ‘Drop and Leave’ Loaded Language,” among other things. If you’re in the New York area, stop by for what should be a very interesting conversation. Racist, dehumanizing terms such as […]


Undocumented Labor in Lou Dobbs’ Backyard

Isabel Macdonald, a former FAIR staff member, published an article in the Nation (10/7/10) revealing that undocumented workers had been landscaping Lou Dobbs’ Florida home and looking after his daughter’s show horses. As a hardline commentator on the issue of “illegal immigrant workers,” one would think Dobbs would be a little embarrassed about this discovery. When Dobbs and Macdonald appeared on MSNBC‘s Last Word (10/7/10) yesterday to debate the issue, Macdonald pointed out that “Lou Dobbs, who has made himself an emblem of this get-tough approach to immigration…had been exploiting undocumented labor.” Dobbs attempted to sidestep the issue by claiming […]