FAIR TV: Hugo Chavez in U.S. Media, Time’s Path to Iran War, Keystone XL and the TV Left


This week on FAIR TV: Hugo Chavez was loathed by the U.S. press–and that didn’t change when they reported his death. Plus Time magazine provides a look at the “Path to War” with Iran–omitting a key fact along the way.

And the Keystone XL pipeline is back in the news. But when it came up on ABC’s This Week, “left” pundit James Carville had a curious message.


Keystone’s Endorsement by a TV ‘Leftist’


The controversy over the Keystone XL pipeline doesn’t get covered much in corporate television–it takes tens of thousands of activists marching in Washington to get a few words on the nightly newscasts. But the State Department’s recent draft assessment of the pipeline’s environmental impact got a mention on one show, and it said a lot. Not about the pipeline, really, but about corporate media. The comment came on the roundtable discussion on ABC‘s This Week (3/3/13). The panel, like so many of these discussions, was tilted to the right: A Republican mayor from Utah (Mia Love), a former Bush adviser […]


Monica Crowley: ‘Young People Are Gravitating to the GOP’

While Glenn Greenwald and Camille Paglia catch us up on the increasingly hateful and dangerous language emanating from conservative talk radio–including Mark Levin show substitute host Andrew Wilkow repeatedly calling a gay man a “vile sodomite” and Limbaugh sub Mark Davis joking about the murder of top Democratic officials–there are other signs the genre is growing increasingly desperate in the midst of dwindling conservative and GOP fortunes. Take Monica Crowley, the Fox News contributor and talk radio host. While the former assistant to the disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon may not be the most hateful in the nation’s vast toxic lineup […]